About ExcellWBL

Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnerships for VET 

Project No. 2019-1-LV01-KA202-060413

ExcellWBL (Baltic Examples of Excellence in WBL: Tutors, Companies, Networks)

The aim of the Project is to ensure the transfer of Baltic examples and experience of excellence in implementation of WBL to VET managers, WBL tutor trainers, business stakeholders and authorities.


  • OER “National Examples of Excellence in WBL: Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania”; 
  • ExcellWBL Case-book: “Selected Examples of Excellence in Baltic WBL”, also published as OER; 
  • Training programme: “Promoting Baltic WBL through Examples, Cases and Peer Learning” for VET managers, WBL coordinators and stakeholders;
  • Approximately 280 people will be directly involved in Project activities; 
  • Produced material of examples which can be used in WBL tutor training from companies and VET schools, as well as in training of VET managers. 


Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LV) (https://www.chamber.lv/en) – lead partner

Baltic Bright, Ltd (LV) (http://balticbright.lv/)

Võru County Vocational Training Centre (EE) (https://www.vkhk.ee/)

Vilnius Builders Training Centre (LT) (http://vsrc.lt/)

Vocational Education Association (LV) (http://www.europea-latvia.lv/index.php/kontakti)

HANSE-PARLAMENT EV (DE) (https://www.hanse-parlament.eu/)