Digital Tools for Learning and Validation in VET and WBL: Training Program for VET Teachers, Trainers and Potential I-Coaches 

Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnerships for VET 

Project No. 2020-1-LV01-KA202-077486

The objectives of the Project are to improve skills and competences of VET teachers, trainers, mentors for use of digital tools in education process, for both: classroom and distance learning; and to raise awareness of variety of digital tools and technologies that can be used in VET school and WBL settings.

Dig4VET proposes empowering VET teachers, trainers and mentors/WBL tutors with the support of a training program for VET teachers, trainers and mentors which can be implemented by VET institutions (local level), by national CPD systems and internationally as Erasmus+ courses.


  • Review of digital skills of VET teachers and trainers in partner organizations (VET schools) and partner countries, including a report on the use of SELFIE, and an overview of educational digital tools and technologies which may be used also in VET, as well as those specially designed for VET;
  • EU training program for VET teachers, trainers and WBL tutors “Attractive, Interactive and Inclusive VET: Digital Tools for Teaching, Learning, Assessment and Validation”;
  • Joint staff training event at EU level for testing the training program;
  • At least 25 trained staff members of partner organizations: VET teachers, trainers, VET and WBL teacher trainers who will become teachers-multipliers, trainers of other teachers in partner countries;
  • National level Master-classes (small workshops) at partner organizations and other organizations in partner countries involving at least 40 other trained/coached persons at national level;
  • Toolbox of OER demonstrating examples of how different existing digital tools can be used in VET and WBL, by VET teachers and WBL tutors;
  • 8 multiplier events across partner countries.


National Centre for Education of the Republic of Latvia (LV) (https://visc.gov.lv/) – lead partner 

Riga Art and Media School (LV) (http://www.rmmt.lv/)

COOPETAPE – Cooperative of Education (PT) (https://www.etap.pt/)

Oulu University of Applied Sciences (FI) (https://www.oamk.fi/fi/)

Vilnius Car Mechanics and Business school (LT) (https://vavm.lt/)

ITC International (CZ) (https://www.itc-international.eu/)

Baltic Bright (LV) (http://balticbright.lv/